Design & Innovation

The feeling of freedom, the thrill in acceleration and the pleasure of leaning into curves can’t be explained without having experienced it. At UM we are all “motorcycle addicts” and the design team is probably the most.

Designing a motorcycle is a complex matter, comprised of engineering, ergonomics, regulatory approvals, styling, fashion trends and culture. The process that brings a motorcycle from scratch to the consumer is long and can be accomplished only with a deep involvement and love for the work we do. The desire to finally ride our creation is the energy that pushes us forward.

Creating desire isn’t that difficult, since we are motorcyclists as well, we know what’s exciting, but our aim is also to be able to propose something affordable to a wide range of pockets. We believe that making a nice or ugly motorcycle will cost more or less the same money, so we spend our time and mind in finding smart production solutions, designing a pleasant ride, making everything look exceptional. We design a wide range of motorcycles, each of them reflecting a specific riding style, an attitude and a character. To achieve this, we work with ergonomics for comfort as well as for the attitude, we design colors to be fitting with the fashion of the period or sometimes to be timeless. We work with finishing in order to make our bikes eye catching, but also durable and easy to maintain.

Choosing the right ride is not a matter of numbers, we all have different sizes, attitudes and experiences, but we all choose the bike that revs our heart. Riding a motorcycle, is a matter of sensations, is a matter of feelings. There’s only one aspect in common to all motorcyclists of the world, the smile on their face. This is our goal, to grow those feelings and give a deeper soul to the bikes we design.

The way we can conquer the world is by conquering our customers. “No one really needs a motorcycle, but once you begin riding one, you actually do.”

UM® Motorcycles Design Team

Video KUI’S UM.
In the following video we will learn about the smart and innovative technologies developed by UM Motorcycles where we put your safety and comfort first.