Our company

Our company

UM® Motorcycles deeply believes that every person’s self-expression should be reflected in the machine they ride, that a motorcycle should transcend the obvious and should elevate one’s personality, only in this way the spark within  people may be ignited so that each day , no matter the road taken , they can Conquer the world.

Rebels with a distinct cause

UM® Motorcycles was born in Miami, Florida in the year 2000. After almost a two decade journey, UM® is proud of the road travelled and just like any other human endeavor, UM® has had ups and downs. Today UM® is a brand built on the determination to manufacture unique motorcycles that can positively impact the life of its customers by making them feel authentic, adventurous and proud.

Vision of the company’s leadership and brand

Our vision  is to ignite the passion of employees and clients around the globe by delivering beautifully designed and innovative motorcycles, services and experiences that will enrich the lives of our customers. For this vision to transcend, at UM®  we strive to hire and retain the best people to form a great team guided by ethics , safety and a customercentric approach. UM® is led by its U.S. based Executive Team and Board of Directors, who provide guidance, instruction , direction and leadership to the Global Team  for the purpose of achieving the Company’s vision.

How we reach our customers

Our products are distributed through a global network of independent Country Distributors, that provide great customer and experiences to our clients.

UM® has more than 2,000 UM® Stores in nearly 40 countries. These are Stores that display , sell and deliver our motorcycles but also offer experiences  and service. Our Country Distributors and Dealers  represent the UM® brand and create relationships with our most valued stakeholder: the UM® Customer.


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